Funding Cut Looms for Narembeen CRC

A looming funding cut to Community Resource Centres (“CRC’s”) could leave regional communities facing a huge gap in service delivery.

CRC’s were advised this week that there will be drastic changes to their proposed contracts by the Labor government. This comes as part of Labor’s review of all Royalties for Regions projects.

CRC’s are facing an uncertain future with funding potentially being cut in 18 months’ time.

CRC’s state-wide provide an array of information and community-based services to local people, businesses and visitors to regional Western Australia. They work tirelessly to combat local issues and to develop opportunities for their communities.

The Narembeen CRC is committed to continuous improvement and to develop services that best meet the needs of the local community, working proactively with key stakeholders to continue to grow and stay connected with community needs.

A recent social development activity of the Narembeen CRC was the S.O.C.K. (Save Our Country Kids) Week initiative, delivered to a community rocked by five road fatalities in 2016, a road safety event to educate our children. It’s initiatives such as these make our CRC a vital resource within the community.

The Narembeen CRC employs 2 full time staff members and 2 part time staff members who are all very passionate about the services they deliver to the community.

“The Shire of Narembeen has worked closely with the Narembeen CRC in a relationship that spans over 20 years, providing high quality service delivery to the Narembeen community and is regarded as one of the model CRC’s in the state” said Chris Jackson.

Chris Jackson, CEO of the Shire of Narembeen said “I am extremely concerned about the impact these funding cuts to CRC’s could have on regional communities who are already facing a multitude of disadvantages.”

Leanne Brooke-Mee who has been Co-ordinator of the Narembeen CRC for the past 12 months said “having only moved recently from the UK to Narembeen, I quickly developed a passion for the Narembeen CRC and the services it provides to the community, it is at times overwhelming to witness the support that the community has for the CRC, it would be a shame to lose such a valuable asset.”

“The Narembeen CRC is a vital hub in our community, the work that CRC’s do locally within their communities is tireless, the impact of taking away this funding leaves our regional communities vulnerable”, said Sheree Thomas, Community & Economic Development Officer with the Shire of Narembeen.

The Shire of Narembeen is committed to the future of the Narembeen CRC and unlike the State Government, is prepared to commit to the long term future of this important community service.

If you would like to provide a letter of support for the Narembeen CRC, please email to or deliver to the Shire of Narembeen.