Emu Hill Public Cemetery Redevelopment Project

The Shire of Narembeen recognises the cultural and historical significance of the Emu Hill Public Cemetery and is committed to ensuring the cemetery is well preserved and enhanced in keeping with the natural features and landscape.

In February 2018, the Shire of Narembeen engaged a Consultant to undertake a Scoping Study to identify issues and development opportunities which included:-

  • Niche wall;
  • Entry Statement;
  • Public access areas, including roadways;
  • Landscaping;
  • Signage—within the cemetery as well as the public gazebo; and
  • Gazebo

The cemetery redevelopment concept has taken several months to finalise however we believe the final design is appealing and functional and will revitalise the Emu Hill Public Cemetery.

The creation of a visually appealing entry into the cemetery, reflection areas and an improved gazebo area were important design considerations as well as improving the connection between the different elements of the cemetery site through improved signage and public access areas.  The safety, privacy and comfort of visitors to the cemetery was also taken into consideration in the development of the final design.

The first stage of the project is the replacement of the niche wall and staff are currently undertaking to contact families affected by the niche wall development.  The Shire of Narembeen will endeavour to keep family members informed during the redevelopment process.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome and will be used to guide the final redevelopment plan, click on the links below to see the plans:-

Emu Hill Cemetery – Proposed Design Entrance Statement

Niche Wall – Proposed Design

Niche Wall & Gazebo Area – Site Plan

Should you wish to discuss the proposed designs or have any questions in relation to the development, please contact Sheree Thomas, Community & Economic Development Officer, Shire of Narembeen. T: 9064 7308 or E: ced@narembeen.wa.gov.au



Grain Freight Project – Latham Rd & Harvest Reminders

The first seal of Latham Road into CBH took place last Friday and with harvest upon us this is timely with trucks being able to use Latham Road to enter and exit from CBH.

A second seal (asphalt) will take place in January/February 2019 which will complete this project.

For those that want an insight into how our roads are sealed, see the links below to footage taken last Friday:-

Part 1 – Roadworks Narembeen

Part 2 – Roadworks Narembeen


Motorists are reminded that there will be increased heavy freight traffic on local roads including self-propelled machinery and towed farm equipment.

The Shire of Narembeen suggests that all motorists use their headlights during the day so that other road users can see them.

Farmer’s are also reminded when working into dusk and at night time, it is important too have all flashing lights on machinery and vehicles in working order to ensure maximum visibility to other road users.

Finally it is also vitally important to consider the risk of fatigue and take extra care when driving home after working long hours in the paddock.  We have a shared responsibility for safety on our roads, so all drivers need to be careful and vigilant during the busy harvest season.


New Citizen Commemorated in Narembeen

It was a lovely celebration in the Shire Chambers on Friday 2nd November 2018 when local resident Bhimrao Thavare became an Australian Citizen in front of more than 15 family and friends.

Bhimrao, originally from India, proudly recited a pledge and was presented with a certificate by Shire President Cr Rhonda Cole to commemorate his citizenship.

Cr Rhonda Cole also presented Bhimrao with a copy of “Seedtime & Harvest” and congratulated him on becoming a new Australian citizen to the Narembeen community.

Australian citizenship is a bond that units us all.  Australia respects the diverse cultural inheritance of its citizens, and we are honoured that you have chosen to become an Australian citizen today said Cr Rhonda Cole.

Bhimrao, his family and close friends enjoyed afternoon tea following the ceremony.




CRC/Medical Centre Extension Update

Works are progressing well on the construction of the Medical Centre/CRC extension, with the project anticipated to finish in early 2019.

External painting has commenced, we believe the new colours compliment existing buildings in the street and will give the newly renovated building a welcome face lift.  Internally the gyprock works will be finished towards the end of this week and the door frames will be installed next week.  Cabinetry drawings have been approved and the cabinetry is currently being manufactured.


Tampia Gold Project – Narembeen


The Shire of Narembeen is a strong supporter of the Tampia Gold Project.

Explaurum has shown itself to be a very good citizen within our community.  Explaurum support our local businesses, school and sporting groups. In fact some of their employees are involved with local sports such as the annual triathlon, bowls and golf.  We are always glad of new faces and more numbers.  Currently 9 locals are employed by the company and it is anticipated there will be more opportunities as construction gets underway and when the mine is up and running.

Explaurum will build a 200 man village in town which will bring many economic and social benefits to the entire community. In talks with the Shire of Narembeen, Explaurum have expressed their ongoing commitment to the community and continue to work hard on maintaining a good relationship with the Shire and local people. In fact the entire board has visited Narembeen on at least 3 occasions.

It is the Shires hope that the ore extracted will be processed on site in order to minimise damage and therefore extra costs to our roads program. We see every day the impact that the grain trucks have on our roads since the closure of the rail.  The processing plant will also offer more employment and economic opportunities to the Narembeen community.

These are exciting times for Narembeen and Explaurum with a goldmine and processing plant within our Shire and we look forward to developing this relationship further.

Cr Rhonda Cole
Shire President
Shire of Narembeen
T: 9064 7308


CRC/Medical Centre Extension Update

This project is powering ahead with the roof sheeting being installed this week and the brickwork nearing completion. Gyprock for internal walls will also commence this week. Colour selections for cabinetry, floor coverings, window treatments and painting has taken place. We continue to work closely with BGC Constructions in the facilitation of this project.

In relation to funding for this project, the second progress report has been submitted to the Department of Infrastructure for the National Stronger Regions Funding, with evidence that 35% of the project is complete.

The next report is due at the end of February 2019 with evidence required that 70% of the project is complete. Given the rate that the project is proceeding, it is envisaged that the Shire will be on target to meet these reporting requirements.

CRC/Medical Centre Update

Construction is well and truly underway on the extension to the Narembeen CRC and Medical Centre. With the steel frames and truss roof complete, the brickwork has now commenced with the brick layers arriving in town yesterday.
The air conditioning cassettes have been installed, allowing the electrical works to commence. In the next few weeks we can expect to see the roof and ceilings being completed.
It is an exciting project and it’s great to see the building taking shape, keep up to date with the construction of this building via the Shire’s Facebook Page, Twitter or the website.

Collocated Emergency Services Centre opens in Narembeen

Invited guests and residents from Narembeen and surrounding towns gathered on Friday 14th September 2018 for the official opening of the Narembeen Volunteer Emergency Services Centre.

Shire of Narembeen Freeman Melvin Bristow, Halley Cowan, Stephen Padfield and Shire President Cr Rhonda Cole officially opened the $717,000 emergency centre.

Shire President, Cr Rhonda Cole said “this magnificent new building provides for the collocation of the Narembeen St John and the Narembeen Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, two dedicated groups of volunteers who play a key role in the delivery of emergency services in Narembeen and the surrounding communities.”

Funding towards the project was provided by the Department of Fire & Emergency Services $258,000, Wheatbelt Development Commission $250,000, St John Narembeen $100,000 and Narembeen Bush Fire Brigade $30,000.

“The volunteers of the St John Narembeen and Narembeen Bush Fire Brigade are selfless and give their time to protect others; they are an essential part of the Shire’s response before, during and following emergencies. They are fundamental to the community’s safety and resilience and give their time without expectation and I thank you all for your dedication and commitment to your community”, said Shire President, Cr Rhonda Cole.

It was fitting that the day’s celebrations included a life membership presentation to Mrs Debbie Hall of Narembeen St John in recognition of her long and continuous service to Narembeen St John Sub-Centre and to the community of Narembeen. The honour recognised Debbie’s outstanding commitment, loyalty and dedication to the organisation. Congratulations Debbie.

Mr Murray Dixon, President of the Narembeen Bush Fire Brigade said “the process for a new building started over 9 years ago, there’s been a great investment by the State Government and more importantly by the local community, let’s continue to look after this investment as we head into becoming a Volunteer Emergency Service.”

Mr Lloyd Bailey, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Fire & Emergency Services said “the complex will provide a centralised base for operations in Narembeen as well as supporting emergency services in surrounding towns. As volunteers you give your time to the community, spend some of your free time training and what you do will be challenging and we want to support you as best we can.”

It’s the community spirit and co-operation that makes resilient communities such as Narembeen possible, where neighbor’s don’t hesitate to help and where members of the community volunteer their time for both of these organisations”, said Mr Justin Fonte, Senior Operations Manager, St John Ambulance.

The building centralises emergency services, provides private office space for debriefs and counselling and provides training area to upskill volunteers and a shared communications room to better manage emergency situations.

Narembeen volunteers are a vital part of the fabric of our vibrant community, it is important to acknowledge and support them through dedicated infrastructure such as this wonderful facility.

Many thanks to the following people for their assistance on the day and in the lead up to the event:-

  • Narembeen P&C, in particular Lucy Lines for the power of work put into co-ordinating a magnificent afternoon tea as well as providing much needed assistance on the afternoon and following the event.
  • Kellie Mortimore & Ian Mortimore for their assistance in setting up and cleaning up after the event as well as organising the bbq.
  • Ian Mortimore and Michael Lethlean for their help in cooking the bbq.
  • Andrew Hardham & Murray Dixon – for organising the drinks.
  • Shire staff for their assistance on the day and in the lead up to the event.

It was a team effort and we couldn’t have done it without you! THANK YOU.

Wildflower Update

It is lovely to see the countryside changing colour as the weather heats up.

With the heat of the past few weeks many orchids have not survived and the everlastings are beginning to lose colour.

The roadsides and reserves however are prolific in colour with beautiful shrubs in full flower.

Click here to see the current list of wildflower sightings in the Eastern Wheatbelt.

Narembeen CRC – Award Finalist in Regional Safety Awards

The Narembeen CRC’s SOCK week event was recently listed as a Semi-Finalist in the WA Regional Achievement Awards (Insurance Commission of Western Australia Regional Safety Award category).

Last week we were advised the Narembeen CRC is now a Finalist for these awards to be judged on 19th October 2018.  Congratulations to Leanne and her team, this certainly is wonderful recognition for a fantastic, worthy event.

The award recognises public initiatives that through efforts and/or innovation improve safety in the community.  The award promotes safe road practices in regional communities which encourages fewer and less serious injuries from motor vehicle crashes.