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Holden Home Ground Advantage Round – It’s all about the girls!

Are you a sporting club or community organisation who embrace and promote the participation of females in sport?

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Rates Notices Distributed

The Shire of Narembeen’s rates notices were distributed last week and ratepayers are encouraged to keep an eye out.
Local government has a responsibility to provide access to services and infrastructure for the benefit of all members of the community, and rates are raised to fund these services and to provide and maintain infrastructure.
We have put together a Rates Information flyer which follows on the next two pages, this provides a handy hub of rates facts and information for you as a ratepayer.
If you have any queries regarding your rates please contact Bonnie Cole or Rachael Moore T: 9064 7308.

Shire Councillors Inspired by Student Councillors

Council had the pleasure of meeting the Narembeen District High School 2018 Student Councillors prior to its July Council Meeting.

Shire President, Cr Rhonda Cole said “it is really important that we keep the channels of communication open with our youth and listen to their ideas and opinions”.

First ever, School Captain, Chris Shaw briefed Council on how the Student Council operates, how meetings are run and the process for election. Chris explained that through his role as School Captain he looks forward to helping the school to grow and continue to be successful.

A question and answer session followed with the students being briefed by Council on some of the more exciting projects that they have been involved with during their time on Council.

New Student Councillor and new to Narembeen student Nash Cheetham said “he wanted to be on Student Council as he had ideas and opinions that he wanted to put forward, it’s good to have an influence on what happens at school”.

“It was a pleasure to meet you all, you all spoke with confidence, you are credit to your families and school and you make Narembeen’s future look brighter, said Cr Rhonda Cole.

School Captain Chris Shaw thanked Council for the opportunity to meet and said that the Student Council looks forward to meeting with the Shire Councillors each year.

CRC/Medical Centre Slab Complete

Last week was an exciting week for the Shire with construction of the slab which is the first major milestone for this project.

Now the building journey begins!

The Shire looks forward to working with BGC during the construction phase and we are on track for the building timeframe.

Earth Girl Visits Narembeen

Last Friday, Karla Hooper visited Narembeen and addressed Narembeen District High School, Council and the community at three separate workshops.
Perth’s self-proclaimed “Earth Girl”, Karla Hooper lives a life where waste is no longer an issue; in fact, she is unlikely to fill even one rubbish bin with waste in a whole year!
Karla who currently lives in the Perth hills loves all things animals and sustainability. In 2010 she quit her corporate job in the oil and gas industry and went in search of a more sustainable lifestyle.
The main driver for Karla’s visit was to speak to the community about glass no longer being included in our recycling bins and the options that we have as individuals to continue recycling glass.
An small group of community members attended the workshop in the evening at the Recreation Centre where we not only learnt about glass recycling but also how to make beeswax wraps. It was great to see some younger members of the community in attendance inspired by Karla’s story and her solution to minimising environmental impact.
Many thanks to Karla for coming to Narembeen and sharing her inspiring story. Karla’s visit was made possible with the support of Avon Waste and the RoeROC Shires.

Wave Rock Entrance Passes

Do you live in Narembeen?

Would you like to take your visitors, family or friends to see Wave Rock?

We have 100 Wave Rock entrance passes available for community members, courtesy of the Shire of Kondinin and the Roe Tourism Association.

Just call in to the Shire of Narembeen and collect your free pass!

Avon Waste to deliver waste management services to the RoeROC Shires

The Roe Region of Councils have successfully secured a 7 year contract to deliver essential waste management collection services to the Shires of Corrigin, Kondinin, Kulin and Narembeen commencing 1 July 2018.

Under the 7 year contract, Avon Waste will be delivering general waste and recycling waste collection services per year for each residence in each Shire.

Avon Waste CEO, Del Sherry said “it is expected the transition to the new contract will be seamless given that Avon Waste have been providing services for RoeROC residents for the past 10 years”.

Chair of the RoeROC Council, Cr Rhonda Cole said “Avon Waste’s proposal offered the greatest overall advantage for Council’s objectives, they provide a high standard of service and this contract recognises the service provided over the past 10 years.”

A significant change in the existing waste management system will be that from 1 July 2018 glass containers should not be placed in the yellow-topped recycling bins.

Glass is being taken out of the yellow-topped recycling system for several reasons.

Cr Rhonda Cole said “we have a glass crusher in the RoeROC region and we would like residents to consider recycling glass to make use of this machine, crushed glass takes up much less space and can provide useful cover material at the Bendering Landfill site.

In addition to this, glass is becoming a problem when being recycled as it contaminates other products and there is no local market for the product. The removal of glass from the recycling bins will also minimise processing charges.

Narembeen residents have two options in dealing with the disposal of glass:-

1. Glass may be placed in the general waste bin; or
2. The current collection of glass by the Lions club will continue from local businesses and from the Latham Street collection point. Please remember to remove the lids.

The Shire of Narembeen are currently in discussions with the Narembeen Lions Club regarding the future of glass recycling in Narembeen, an announcement regarding this will be made shortly.

The Narembeen Lions Club will continue to collect newspapers with the monthly kerbside pickup as per the recycling calendar with the next collection day being 5th August 2018 (first Sunday of the month). The Narembeen Men’s Shed will also continue to collect aluminium cans from the various collection points around the town.

As part of our ongoing commitment to recycling in the region, the Shire of Narembeen will provide a series of workshops about sustainability and recycling during July and August. Facilitated by Karla Hooper – Earth Girl (www.karlahooper.com), these workshops will provide an opportunity for residents to find out more about recycling. Karla is passionate about sustainability and is a zero waste living advocate and is excited to be sharing her message across the RoeROC Shires.

“Avon Waste has a proud history of providing waste services in the regions and we look forward to the next 7 years working closely with the RoeROC Shire’s to enhance waste delivery and recycling services within these towns” said Del Sherry.

A media campaign will be undertaken in the coming weeks, keep an eye on the Shire’s website as well as the Avon Waste website (www.avonwaste.com.au).
For further enquiries contact Avon Waste or the Shire of Narembeen.

Narembeen Community Perception Survey

Following an initial meeting in Narembeen between Holyoake, the Wheatbelt Community Alcohol and Drug Service and Community Stakeholders on Thursday 31st May 2018, it was decided to undertake the development of a Community Wellbeing Plan that will work as a guide to improve health and wellbeing across the community.  The process will commence with the distribution of the Narembeen Community Perception Survey, see link below:-


In addition to the online survey, there is a paper form available from the Shire of Narembeen or the Narembeen Community Resource Centre for those that may be unable to complete an online survey.  Please return completed forms to the Shire of Narembeen.

The link will be open until  5pm Friday 3rd August 2018 and we encourage as many people over the age of 18 years to participate as possible.

What is in this survey?

The Community Perception Survey covers two main areas of interest to service providers:
1. Community perceptions of local alcohol, other drug and mental health related issues.
2. Strategies to address these issues that would be supported by the community.

Why use a survey?
Collecting information from a broad cross-section of your community can help to identify community priorities related to local alcohol, other drug and mental health related issues. This information can then help to monitor changes in communities over time as well as clarify which strategies might be more successful in a particular community. Ideally you will be able to use the results of the survey to assist you in meeting the particular needs of the community you work in.

How was this survey designed?

The need for a tool to help track community perceptions of local alcohol related issues and the effectiveness of strategies to improve community outcomes was identified initially during the development of prevention plans in the Kimberley region.

The survey has since been revised to include sections relating to community perceptions of other drugs, and also mental health and wellbeing and is relevant to all regions.

What happens to the completed surveys?
The Mental Health Commission (MHC) will complete all data entry and analysis. This includes basic analysis of the data which will be summarised in a report to the service provider. MHC will also be available to answer any questions that a service provider may have and to undertake any additional analysis.

How will the results be used?
It is not intended that the information will be used for any purpose other than supporting local agencies to develop programs and measure progress. If at any stage MHC wishes to use the information for any other purpose, MHC will first seek the permission of the service provider.

Who will be surveyed?
The survey is intended to collect information from a broad cross-section of the local adult community (over 18 years of age). You should try to include participants who are representative of all genders, age groups, and cultural backgrounds present in the community. Please note, this survey is not intended to be delivered to people under 18 years of age.
The survey should take between 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Further Information
For more information in relation to the survey tool, its implementation or its analysis, please contact:

Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation
Ph.: (08) 6553 0600
Email: pme@mhc.wa.gov.au



Narembeen Community Precinct Project

The Community Precinct Project is an EXCITING PROJECT for Narembeen and the earthworks commenced today!

The Medical Centre, Narembeen CRC and Pharmacy will be transformed over the next few months with extensive renovations taking place to create a purpose built facility for the community. The need for additional space will enable these organisations to offer a wider range of services.

The community are encouraged to please avoid the laneway behind the Medical Centre and CRC where possible and if you happen to use the laneway expect delays.

As this is a building site, there is to be no unauthorised personnel on site during the earthworks and construction phase.

The public toilets located within the breezeway are unavailable fore the duration of the build. Should you require public toilets, they are located near the Dentist or alternatively Apex Park.

Should you have any queries, BGC Construction have set up their site office in the old coffee shop at 6/19 Churchill Street, Narembeen.

Community Re-Branding Workshop

A passionate group of 30 people came together last night to commence the Shire of Narembeen’s re-branding process. Presented by Darren Lee from Market Creations it was a fun, interactive and engaging workshop!

It was wonderful to see so many passionate people in the same room, all interested in the future of Narembeen. Given the representation across the community, there are certainly high aspirations to create a new, vibrant brand. There were representatives from Council, school, health sector, sporting groups, community groups, it was awesome to see good number of young people at the workshop.

The workshop provided a chance for community members to put forward what makes us unique, why are we so special and what aspirations we have for the community. It was great to see everyone contributing to the discussion.

Following this workshop, the logo will be developed—this is an exciting project for the Shire of Narembeen, we want our brand to resonate with our audience, to tell a story and to improve our professional identity. The new brand needs to be the driver of tourism, economic and community development within the Narembeen community.

Thank you to everyone who attended, it was a great night and we appreciate the support of the Narembeen community.