Avon Waste to deliver waste management services to the RoeROC Shires

The Roe Region of Councils have successfully secured a 7 year contract to deliver essential waste management collection services to the Shires of Corrigin, Kondinin, Kulin and Narembeen commencing 1 July 2018.

Under the 7 year contract, Avon Waste will be delivering general waste and recycling waste collection services per year for each residence in each Shire.

Avon Waste CEO, Del Sherry said “it is expected the transition to the new contract will be seamless given that Avon Waste have been providing services for RoeROC residents for the past 10 years”.

Chair of the RoeROC Council, Cr Rhonda Cole said “Avon Waste’s proposal offered the greatest overall advantage for Council’s objectives, they provide a high standard of service and this contract recognises the service provided over the past 10 years.”

A significant change in the existing waste management system will be that from 1 July 2018 glass containers should not be placed in the yellow-topped recycling bins.

Glass is being taken out of the yellow-topped recycling system for several reasons.

Cr Rhonda Cole said “we have a glass crusher in the RoeROC region and we would like residents to consider recycling glass to make use of this machine, crushed glass takes up much less space and can provide useful cover material at the Bendering Landfill site.

In addition to this, glass is becoming a problem when being recycled as it contaminates other products and there is no local market for the product. The removal of glass from the recycling bins will also minimise processing charges.

Narembeen residents have two options in dealing with the disposal of glass:-

1. Glass may be placed in the general waste bin; or
2. The current collection of glass by the Lions club will continue from local businesses and from the Latham Street collection point. Please remember to remove the lids.

The Shire of Narembeen are currently in discussions with the Narembeen Lions Club regarding the future of glass recycling in Narembeen, an announcement regarding this will be made shortly.

The Narembeen Lions Club will continue to collect newspapers with the monthly kerbside pickup as per the recycling calendar with the next collection day being 5th August 2018 (first Sunday of the month). The Narembeen Men’s Shed will also continue to collect aluminium cans from the various collection points around the town.

As part of our ongoing commitment to recycling in the region, the Shire of Narembeen will provide a series of workshops about sustainability and recycling during July and August. Facilitated by Karla Hooper – Earth Girl (www.karlahooper.com), these workshops will provide an opportunity for residents to find out more about recycling. Karla is passionate about sustainability and is a zero waste living advocate and is excited to be sharing her message across the RoeROC Shires.

“Avon Waste has a proud history of providing waste services in the regions and we look forward to the next 7 years working closely with the RoeROC Shire’s to enhance waste delivery and recycling services within these towns” said Del Sherry.

A media campaign will be undertaken in the coming weeks, keep an eye on the Shire’s website as well as the Avon Waste website (www.avonwaste.com.au).
For further enquiries contact Avon Waste or the Shire of Narembeen.