Council Wrap Up

Published on Tuesday, 26 May 2020 at 10:48:33 AM


Participation in National Redress Scheme

Council with respect to participation in the National Redress Scheme noted the consultation undertaken and information provided by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries regarding the National Redress Scheme and the participation of WA local governments.  It noted that the Shire of Narembeen will not be included in the WA Government’s amended participation declaration (and afforded the associated financial and administrative coverage), unless the Shire of Narembeen makes a specific and formal decision to be included. 


Council endorsed the participation of the Shire of Narembeen in the National Redress Scheme as a State Government institution and included as part of the State Government’s declaration and granted authority to the Chief Executive Officer to execute a service agreement with the State, if a Redress application is received.  It also noted that a confidential report will be provided to Council, if a Redress application is received by the Shire.


Provision of Engineering and Technical Services

Council endorsed the need for ongoing contract engineering and technical services to be provided to the Shire of Narembeen and approved the calling of WALGA eQuotes for the Provision of Engineering and Technical Services - RFQ 01/2020 for a three year period as per the presented RFQ document.  Executive staff will present all quotes received and provide a recommendation to Councils June Ordinary Meeting.


Explaurum Operations Pty Ltd - Traffic Route Proposal

Council reaffirmed its approval for Explaurum Operations Pty Ltd to use the Merredin-Narembeen Road, Fricker Road, Latham Road, Kondinin Narembeen Road, Mt Walker Road and Mt Arrowsmith Road being Shire of Narembeen’s controlled roads, to haul ore from Tampia Hill Operations to the Shire’s northern boundary located at SLK 0.00 on the Merredin Narembeen Rd, subject to a number of amended conditions.

Shire of Narembeen Community Grants Program 2020/21

Council accepted the following applications for funding the 2020/2021 Community Grants Program:-

  • Narembeen Community Shed & Art Gallery - $2,000
  • Go Narembeen Progress Association Inc - $3,000
  • Narembeen P&C Association - $4,595

This approval is subject to inclusion in the 2020/21 Budget.

Narembeen Bowling Club - Playing Surface

Council requested that the Narembeen Bowling Club provide minuted confirmation that the Club will cover the whole cost of the resurfacing of one Synthetic Bowling Green and other associated works at the Narembeen Recreation Centre at an estimated total cost of $150,000 ex GST, which will be funded with a self-supporting loan of $80,000 over a 10 year period and $70,000 in cash funds from the Narembeen Bowling Club.

Wadderin Reserve and Sanctuary Inc - Pavilion Site

Council approved the request from Wadderin Wildlife Reserve and Sanctuary Inc. for the siting of a new information Pavilion for the Wadderin Wildlife Reserve and Sanctuary to be located on Reserve 13759.

Shire of Narembeen - New Local Laws

Council resolved to make the following Local Laws as presented in accordance with Section 3.12 of the Local Government Act 1995, and authorise the affixing of the common seal:-

  1. Repeal of Local Law - Pest Plants
  2. Standing Orders Local Law 2020
  3. Dogs Local Law 2020
  4. Fencing Local Laws 2020
  5. Emu Hill Public Cemetery Local Law 2020


Proposed Amalgamation - Lot 302 (no 4) and Lot 301 (No 6) Thomas Street, Narembeen

Following an application received to amalgamate the above lots, Council agreed to recommend that the Western Australian Planning Commission approve the application (No 159143) for amalgamation of Lot 302 (No 4) and Lot 301 (No 6) Thomas Street, Narembeen unconditionally.   Council authorised the Shires Planning Consultant, Liz Bushby from Town Planning Innovations, to advise the WAPC of the Shires decision. 

2020 Budget Review

Council endorsed the May 2020 Budget Review and adopted the budget amendments as per the Budget Review Report for the Period Ending 30 April 2020 – noting the specific budget amendments listed in Note 4 – with the addition of an extra amendment to include a new capital job for the Narembeen Bowling Green resurfacing with a $39,560 budget and an equal income contribution from the Narembeen Bowling Club to Schedule 11 Sport and Recreation.

Adoption of the Shire of Narembeen Corporate Business Plan 2020-2024

Council adopted the Shire of Narembeen Corporate Business Plan 2020-2024 as presented, a copy of this may be found at

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