Planning for the future - Sport & Recreation in Narembeen

Published on Tuesday, 18 August 2020 at 3:59:44 PM

A good cross-section of the community came along to represent various sporting organisations, it was fantastic to have representatives from the Narembeen DHS Student Council also providing some great ideas!

Your input and ideas towards sport in Narembeen will help provide the Shire with a roadmap to ensure investment of sport and recreation is directed where it is needed most.

When the question was asked if there was an unlimited budget what would you like to see over the next 10 years—some great ideas were floated such as multipurpose sports surfaces, indoor courts, improvements to ski lake, upgrades to gym, improved skate park and a two storey-viewing lounge AKA “Hawkies Nest”.  We’re not sure whether the Hawkies Nest will get a guernsey!

Thank you also to Scott Wildgoose, EMCS at the Shire for facilitating the workshop and to Cr Scott Stirrat and Cr Kellie Mortimore for helping to drive the strategy.


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