Post Seeding Get Together

The Narembeen Community Resource Centre, Shire of Narembeen, Narembeen Club Inc. and Go Narembeen invited the community to come together to have a chat and listen to some guest speakers. The aim of this event was to ensure the community knows that there is a support network out there and socialise.

Shire President Rhonda Cole stressed the importance of checking in with your friends and having a cuppa and the need to shop local if we want Narembeen to stay the great place it is.

Bill Cowan spoke and had a fantastic message for the community “In Tough times, think about what you have achieved, that is what is important, keep your goals in mind and don’t sit on what’s happening now”

Brendon Nichols from Men’s Regional Health said” two important things to do in rough times 1) Look after yourself, 2) look after each other”..

65 people attended the Post Seeding Event, there was a wide range of farmers, business owners and community members so this gave everyone an opportunity to have a little fun and have a positive night out.

The evening was enjoyed by all who attended, and following the talks, a lovely meal of steak, sausages and salads was enjoyed.

A big thank you to the Hockey, Netball, Football and Golf Club for supplying the salads on the night, it was greatly appreciated and yet again showed how great this community is at supporting one another.