Tampia Gold Project – Narembeen

Published: Friday, 2 November 2018 at 1:37:00 PM

The Shire of Narembeen is a strong supporter of the Tampia Gold Project.

Explaurum has shown itself to be a very good citizen within our community.  Explaurum support our local businesses, school and sporting groups. In fact some of their employees are involved with local sports such as the annual triathlon, bowls and golf.  We are always glad of new faces and more numbers.  Currently 9 locals are employed by the company and it is anticipated there will be more opportunities as construction gets underway and when the mine is up and running.

Explaurum will build a 200 man village in town which will bring many economic and social benefits to the entire community. In talks with the Shire of Narembeen, Explaurum have expressed their ongoing commitment to the community and continue to work hard on maintaining a good relationship with the Shire and local people. In fact the entire board has visited Narembeen on at least 3 occasions.

It is the Shires hope that the ore extracted will be processed on site in order to minimise damage and therefore extra costs to our roads program. We see every day the impact that the grain trucks have on our roads since the closure of the rail.  The processing plant will also offer more employment and economic opportunities to the Narembeen community.

These are exciting times for Narembeen and Explaurum with a goldmine and processing plant within our Shire and we look forward to developing this relationship further.

Cr Rhonda Cole
Shire President
Shire of Narembeen
T: 9064 7308

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