Windows in the Wheatbelt

Published on Wednesday, 6 May 2020 at 11:07:31 AM

A Social Media Photo Campaign to support local Wheatbelt Tourism for the month of May. Let's showcase the amazing Wheatbelt region by taking a photo out of our windows and showing off our beautiful part of the world !


This collaborative initiative aims to inspire people to take a road trip to the Wheatbelt once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so. Wheatbelt Local Tourism Groups of Roe Tourism, NEWTRAVEL and the Central Wheatbelt Visitors Centre are asking our locals to support the regions tourism industry for the month of May by sharing photos taken from their windows on social media to, remind everyone of what they’re missing – and inspire them to travel to the Wheatbelt region once coronavirus restrictions are lifted. Wheatbelt locals are invited to take a photo of a view from their property or whilst out and about in their area and post it on social media using the hashtag #awindowinthewheatbelt including the location, such as #Narembeen.

We're asking for the support of all Wheatbelt organisations, businesses and communities to get behind this initiative by sharing and promoting #awindowinthewheatbelt through your communication networks, whether that be your own social media channels, e-news or local community paper.

Did you know that Tourism, through accommodation, food, employment, arts, events and attractions play an important part in the Wheatbelt economy. Tourism activities contribute around $275 million to the Wheatbelt economy with over 73% of that being generated from the larger regional centres of York, Toodyay, Northam, Chittering, Gingin, Dandaragan, Merredin and Narrogin. With COVID-19 restrictions having a significant impact on everyone, the Wheatbelt too has felt the impact of borders being closed and so are a lot of our businesses. Now is not the time to go quiet and we are wanting to make sure that Wheatbelt Tourism is ready to capitalise on the road to recovery. 

Inspired by the VisitScotland initiative, we hope this campaign will also offer Western Australian Wheatbelt businesses and communities an outlet to showcase their own views of the Wheatbelt and inspire visitors to see them for themselves when they can in the future. The Wheatbelt is a diverse region and is “Road Trip Country” with a great range of self-drive trails where visitors can chose their own adventure! The Pathways to Wave Rock, Wheatbelt Way, Pioneers’ Pathway, Golden Pipeline Heritage, Granite Woodlands & Discovery Trail, Holland Track & John Holland Way, Wheatbelt Public Silo Art Trail are just some of the self-drive trails on offer – there are many more! The Wheatbelt also has an amazing range of businesses, bakeries, cafes and accommodation, as well as attractions. So we want people to be inspired to take the time now to plan a Wheatbelt Road Trip for when the time is right to travel again, we promise it will be worth the wait!

Roe Tourism, the Central Wheatbelt Visitors Centre and NEWTRAVEL are not-for-profit organisations that are representative bodies for primarily local government bodies and other members, to collectively market and promote the self-drive routes and the tourism assets in their associated Wheatbelt’s regions. We also engage with visitors and tourists through our promotional activities.

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