Illegal Telecommunication Boosters

The use of illegal boosters and the impact they have on communication service for our emergency services was recently raised at our Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) meeting held at the Shire.
The issue has been raised with Telstra and other relevant authorities. We have been informed that fines of up to $255,000 or jail for two years can be imposed.
Please do the right thing and not use Illegal Telecommunication Boosters. You have been warned!

Expressions of Interest

In accordance with Section 3.58 of the Local Government Act 1995, expressions of interest are called for the purchase of the following:

10 x timber veneer doors—2690mm (H) x 720mm (W)

To inspect the timber doors or if you have any queries please contact Klint Stone on 0419 094 985.
Expressions of interest are to be in writing and addressed to the undersigned, delivered to 1 Longhurst Street, Narembeen WA 6369 by close of business Friday 17th August 2018.

Chris Jackson
Chief Executive Officer

Narembeen Community Resource Centre & Narembeen Medical Centre Extension

The Narembeen Medical Centre, Narembeen Community Resource Centre and the Narembeen Fencepost have relocated.

Below are the details of where each business will be temporarily moving to:-

Narembeen Medical Centre—10 Hilton Way, Narembeen
Narembeen CRC—15 Longhurst St, Narembeen (old St John building)
Narembeen Fencepost—1 Longhurst Street, Narembeen (Shire Office)

The Shire of Narembeen will ensure that the community is updated regularly throughout this project and we appreciate your patience during the construction phase.

The Narembeen Pharmacy will be open as usual, however due to the close proximity of construction the community will need to take care around the construction site.

Fees & Charges

At its Ordinary Meeting of Council, held on 16th May 2018, Council adopted its fees and charges for 2018/2019.

These new charges will take effect on and from 1 July 2018.

Should you wish to view the fees and charges, copies are available from the Shire Administration offices, 1 Longhurst Street, Narembeen.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Shire Office.

Chris Jackson
Chief Executive Officer

Road Damage from Farming Implements

Council have been made aware of recent damage to Shire roads caused by farm machinery. Please note that damage sustained to Shire infrastructure including both gravel and bitumen roads will be reported to the Police and compensation will be sought from offenders.

Any member of the community who witnesses damage occurring are encouraged to report the matter to the Shire immediately.

Council understands that accidents do happen, however when roads are being repeatedly damaged and Shire staff are regularly fixing damaged roads, it becomes a problem.

It would be appreciated if all road users moving farm machinery could please take more care with Shire infrastructure.

Chris Jackson
Chief Executive Officer

Practical Driving Assessments

The Shire of Narembeen has Practical Driving Assessments up to MR available on a monthly basis as follows:-

Tuesday 11th September
Tuesday 2nd October
Tuesday 6th November
Tuesday 4th December

To make a booking either phone the Shire of Narembeen on T: 9064 7308 or book online