March Ordinary Meeting of Council

Please be advised that due to a lack of rsvp’s and a clash of events, the planned lunch and Ordinary Meeting of Council to be held at the Mt Walker Sports Club on Wednesday 21st March 2018 has been CANCELLED.  The Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held in the Shire Chambers, 1 Longhurst Street, Narembeen commencing at 2.30pm

Bonnie Cole
Acting Chief Executive Officer
14th March 2018

Burning . . . Permits Are Required

The Shire of Narembeen advises that we are now in a RESTRICTED (permit required) burning period from 1st February to 15th April.

Please note the following:-
1st February includes grass and raked stubble
1st March is header windrows and chaff dumps and stubble fires.
From the start of the restricted burning time to the 15th April, no person is allowed to light a fire on a Sunday or Public Holiday.
Any questions about burning times should be directed to a Fire Control Officer or the Shire Office.

Chris Jackson
Chief Executive Officer

Council Meeting Dates & Times 2018

At its October 2017 Ordinary Meeting of Council, the Shire of Narembeen resolved to hold its Ordinary Meetings of Council for 2018 on the third Wednesday of every month with the exception of January, commencing at 2.30pm and to be held at the Council Chambers, 1 Longhurst Street, Narembeen

Chris Jackson
Chief Executive Officer

Practical Driving Assessments

The Shire of Narembeen has Practical Driving Assessments up to MR available on a monthly basis as follows:-

Tuesday 10th April
Tuesday 8th May
Tuesday 12th June
Tuesday 10th July
Tuesday 7th August
Tuesday 11th September
Tuesday 2nd October
Tuesday 6th November
Tuesday 4th December

To make a booking either phone the Shire of Narembeen on T: 9064 7308 or book online