Drive Safely on Gravel Roads

Published: Tuesday, 4 December 2018 at 3:10:49 PM

The community are encouraged to drive to the conditions on the Shire’s gravel roads, particularly those that have a high volume of traffic such as Soldiers Road.

The Shire will continue to monitor all gravel roads and undertake maintenance works as required.

Helpful Tips for Driving on Gravel

  • Adjust your speed to changed road surfaces ie: potholes & loose gravel
  • Dust can impede your disability
  • Rain plus gravel equals mud and slippery roads
  • Lower your speed on gravel roads
  • Ensure your tyres have a good tread pattern
  • Steer smoothly to avoid sudden movements
  • Be cautious when overtaking


Always drive within the limits of your ability and experience. Do not assume that you know how to drive on all road surfaces. Be a safe driver and a cautious driver.

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