Restricted Burning Period (permit required) 19th September to 31st October

Published: Tuesday, 10 September 2019 at 8:55:36 AM

Burning period dates may be varied due to climate or weather conditions.  Variations will be advertised via SMS, the Shire website and facebook page.

The Shire of Narembeen Bushfire Notice states that under the Bush Fire Act 1954 that between the 1st day of November in any year until the 30th day of April in the year following fire breaks are to be in place. If it is considered impractical or undesirable to provide firebreaks as required by this notice, the approval of the Council must be obtained for any variation. Approval will only be granted up to or before the 15th day of October, and will not be granted unless prior consent of the appropriate Fire Brigade Officer has been obtained.

Please be advised that inspections of properties will again take place this year and notices will be set if required. 

The PENALTY FOR FAILING TO COMPLY with this Notice is a fine not exceeding $5000 and a person in default is also liable whether prosecuted or not to pay the costs of performing the work directed by this Notice if it is not carried out by the owner and/or occupier by the date required by this Notice.

Chris Jackson
Chief Executive Officer


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