Things to See and Do


Grain Discovery Centre

Adjacent to the Narembeen Roadhouse (entry through the Roadhouse) is a modern, interpretive centre focusing on grain growing in Western Australia.  Learn more about farming in Narembeen as you wander through the centre.  Browse at the brilliant visual and interpretive displays as you discover some of the history and future of grain growing in Narembeen.

Exhibits include a 1950s farm house kitchen, a ‘humpy’, a grain stack, an interactive CBH area with weighbridge and hut, displays on the future of farming and a supermarket showing end products, like breakfast cereals and bread.  The centre also has an interactive agribusiness section, an export area detailing the journey of grain from farm paddock to overseas markets and displays on the future of farming.

The centre is open from 9am to 5pm daily.
Entry is via Gold Coin Donation
Tours available upon request.

For further information contact the Narembeen Community Resource Centre:-

T: (08) 9064 7055



The Narembeen Hawk

A trip to Narembeen wouldn’t be complete without a visit to see the Narembeen Hawk, sitting proudly at the entrance of the Narembeen Recreation Centre.  The Narembeen Hawk was unveiled at the opening of the new Narembeen Recreation Centre in April 2016, designed and constructed by local artist Jordan Sprigg who creates unique sculptures from historically worn and recycled metal.

The Hawk has an impressive 2.5m wingspan and includes 1,000 individually cut feathers, taking 260 hours to complete.  The sculpture includes metal collected from around the district, with some metal dating back to the early settlers of Narembeen.  The Shire of Narembeen are proud to showcase a local artist’s inspirational creation as a centrepiece to the Narembeen Recreation Centre.


Walker Lake – Walk Trails

Feeling energetic?  If you’re staying in town, this is the perfect opportunity to see Narembeen nature at its best.  Located to the south of the Narembeen townsite is a natural lake with abundant water in summer.  Wander around the lake as you take in this majestic setting.  The Walker Lake trail is 1.8km, for those more energetic walk the 2.2km Avoca Farm walk trail, enjoy the rural setting as you take in the old Avoca Homestead, Shearing Shed and machinery on display.


Community Shed

Located in the former Moppett’s Garage on Churchill Street is a unique shed that is occupied by different community groups specialising in art and craft, décor and giftware.  Certainly worth a look, visitors are welcome on weekdays.


Hidden Hollow

Situated approximately 30kms east of Narembeen, along your Pathway to Wave Rock experience. Formally known as Mt Walker Rock, this is the perfect place for a picnic and to see many wildflowers and orchids during Spring (Sept to Dec).  This granite outcrop also boasts a natural amphitheatre that has been carved out of the rock over years of weathering – it can be found walking from the car park along the trail.For the more energetic – the view from the summit offers spectacular views of the district. Take your time, read the plaques at the little dam and discover a piece of farming history.


Wakeman Ski Lake

Situated approximately 13kms east of the Narembeen townsite, this lake has undergone major volunteer work to harvest water back into the natural lake (water level is dependant upon seasonal rainfall).  During the summer months, the lake is a hive of activity with ski boats and water pursuits popular with locals and visitors.  This is a picturesque location, with abundant bird life.  Before entering the lake with boats, please contact the Narembeen Community Resource Centre T: (08) 9064 7055 (business hours only) and provide boat insurance details.


Roe Dam

Located approximately 45km east of Narembeen is a 20 million gallon storage dam completed in 1971 which supplies the Mt Walker farming community.  This is a bird watchers paradise!  Take in the majestic eucalyptus with an under-story of bracken fern.  Picnic area, toilets and BBQ’s are available in this tranquil setting.  The friendly locals are often seen leaving piles of firewood.

roe lookout_cropped

Roe Lookout

Situated approximately 8kms from Narembeen and named after John Septimus Roe, Surveyor General who led an expedition eastwards from York in October 1936.  A scenic drive takes you to the peak of this granite formation with magnificent panoramic views of the district – a photographer’s delight!  There is limited vehicle access to the top of Roe Lookout, the steep incline is not suitable for caravans.  Feel free to park at the bottom and take a leisurely walk to the top of the lookout.

For further information:- Narembeen Community Resource Centre T: (08) 9064 7055 E: