SOCK WEEK 2020 - Another great success!

This year SOCK Week had a particular strong social media presence, due to COVID-19 restrictions, which greatly affected our plans and prevented us from planned face-to-face activities. But with the dedication of CRC staff and many staff meetings, we were able to design of weeks’ worth of social media content to raise awareness and spread the SOCK messages.

We started the week with the ‘Coffee Stop’ campaign, in partnership with the Narembeen Co-Op and the Narembeen Roadhouse, who were giving out SOCK branded reusable travel mugs and donating 50¢ of each coffee bought to SOCK Week 2021. A big Thank You to Dorcas and CBH for your continuous support and sponsoring the reusable travel mugs.

It was great to see the community supporting this initiative by purchasing coffees throughout the week and walking around with their travel mugs. In total 556 coffees were sold during SOCK Week 2020: Well done Narembeen!

The ‘Coffee Stop’ initiative was about making the time to have a break when travelling. We all know that living in the country requires a lot of driving and it is so important to take a break, swap drivers and know the warning signs of fatigue when driving on our country roads. Although coffee is a useful tool to help combat fatigue, we understand that the only true solution is sleep, but coffee is a fantastic reminder to support the idea of drivers stopping, taking a break and gaining a refill of coffee/tea on long journeys.

On Tuesday, the CRC with the help of the WA Police, hosted the Gopher Safety Talk followed by a morning tea for all existing and potential future gopher drivers. Thank you again to Richie and Adriaan, our local police officers, for providing our community with safety information they need when using our local roads. It was a great morning and we hope all nine attendees got something out of it.

Wednesday was “Wear a Road Safety Ribbon” day which was greatly supported by the community and all local business handed out ribbons to customers to pin on their shirts for that day. By wearing a road safety ribbon Narembeen showed their involvement in road safety campaigns such as SOCK and promoting its road safety messages to friends, families and colleagues.

We also had a high Police presence in Narembeen on Wednesday and Thursday, where the Wheatbelt traffic officers conducted several random alcohol and drug tests in town. Unfortunately there were some positive tests from drivers in our community. Impaired driving causes crashes so remember the reason for SOCK week and do the right thing on the road. Thanks again to the officers from Wheatbelt Traffic for all their efforts in keeping our country roads safe, we appreciate your involvement in SOCK Week and hope you will continue SOCK and its important messages in the years to come.

Wednesday was also a busy day for the students of the Narembeen District High School: A Bike & Helmet Safety Day was conducted by SEDERA and from all reports, it was fun and informative morning and it was so amazing to hear the Year 1 and 2 students informing us of the key SOCK messages, it just proves they know exactly what we are trying to convey. Thank you to Ann, from SDERA (Drug, Alcohol & Road Safety Education) and Rodney from RoadWise for your time.

Thursday was ‘Turn your Headlights on’ for road safety day. Whilst it is not the law, something as simple as turning your headlights on during daylight can improve your safety by ensuring you are seen by others using the road and prevent major accidents.

Friday was the popular ‘Fluoro Friday’ where many people in our community dressed up in fluoro to ‘Be Seen’. It was fabulous to see that other towns also participated in this activity: Thank you to Bruce Rock, Corrigin, Kondinin and Merredin for sending us your photos. Maybe we need to look at having an award for the best fluoro outfit next year as they were so many fantastic outfits! Thank you to the Narembeen District High School especially, for their outstanding effort for Fluoro Friday this year – you guys are amazing!

Finally we had the SOCK Week finale, which was held at the Narembeen Recreation Centre on Friday night - a night dedicated to remembering those we have lost to road accidents in our community.  This year, again due to COVID, we were a little rushed and panicked with how we were going to top previous years in such a short amount of time – we had many staff brainstorming meetings!

It was decided that we would light a candle in memory of those we have lost on our country roads. We then thought it would be a beautiful idea to get candle bags and light up the word “SOCK”, the Emergency Service Volunteers as well as staff from the local CRC and police lit the first candles, followed by community members who surrounded the SOCK with hearts and stars, also in candle bags. This was such a very special and emotional moment for all, followed by a minute of silence. The event touched many people and we received great feedback. Thank you to all that attended and shared this special moment with us.

Thank you also to everyone that shared our social media content, the Corrigin, Kulin, Westonia and Nungarin Community Resource Centres as well as every individual person that liked, shared or commented our posts - there is no better way to get information spread across the state, than social media. Our posts reached over 5765 people and we had almost 4500 post engagements on Facebook. This just proves how important and relevant the SOCK messages are to wider communities.

We would also like to thank the Road Safety Commission for their support in this years’ event.

Remember, SOCK Week is not just a weeklong event that occurs in the last week of June each year – it is something that we should all be thinking of every time we get in a car. It is such an important message. Please continue to do, or start doing, the right thing to save lives on our country roads. Help us help you and your loved ones stay safe on our country road. Help us to #SaveOurCountryKids.

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