Community Engagement Survey – Churchill St results are in, and a Narembeen Town Concept Plan is being designed.

Thank you to those of you in the community who took part in this survey.  It informs us of what the community is wanting to see improved and developed in our town centre.

As part of the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure funding project, a draft concept plan was developed to assist the Shire to adopt a longer-term vision with input from the Community.  As part of this process, a survey was conducted over six weeks from December 2022 to February 2023  through the following processes.

  • Information table at the Community Christmas Party
  • Social Media
  • Local Newsletter - Fencepost
  • Copies of the plan made available at the CRC and Shire Office
  • Mail out via Australia Post

32 responses were received with the majority representing the older members of the community. 

The survey had a total of 16 options/suggestions to be ranked on priorities from 1 High to 3 Low.  Any options not ranked were given an absentee score of 3.  An opportunity to add other suggestions, ideas and comments was also encouraged.

All comments were recorded and presented to Council with #15 Reduced Parking in Churchill Street being both ranked the lowest priority and receiving the most comments.

The three highest priorities included 1. #17 Pavement in front of IGA, 2. #7 New pathways connecting the main street with the rest of the town. 3. #1 Wayfinding Signage.

The results were presented at the February Council meeting for consideration on how Phase 3 funding will be allocated for the main street.  It was recommended that the paving in Churchill Street be the focus of the current budget.

The draft concept plan will be finalised within the coming months with the results from the survey and suggestions provided by both the Council and the community will be included.  The Plan will be designed to help guide the Shire on how future infrastructure funding will be spent.

A full copy of the survey results can be found here