The Shire of Narembeen tenders for goods and services valued at $250,000 and above.

Public tenders are advertised in The West Australian newspaper on a Saturday in the local government tenders section.

Current open tenders:

There are no open tenders at this time.

Details of past and current tenders are available below.


The Shire of Narembeen Tender Register provides information on past Request for Tenders or Expressions of Interest that have been awarded.

RFT 03/2021 - Latham Road Widening and Safety Improvements 31 January 2022
RFT 05/2021 - Narembeen Public Hall Refurbishment 31 January 2022
RFT 06/2021 - Old Church Museum Refurbishment 31 January 2022


The Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996 require the Chief Executive Officer to maintain a tender register that is available for public inspection. The tender register is to contain information for each invitation to tender which includes:

  • A brief description of the goods or services required.
  • Particulars of notice by which expression of interest from prospective tenders was sought.
  • Names of persons who submitted an expression of interest.
  • A copy of the notice of invitation to tender.
  • The name of each bidder whose tender was opened.
  • The name of any successful tenderer and the amount of the consideration or summary of the amount of consideration accepted by the local government