A complete review of all Council Policies is currently underway to align them with Councils Strategic Policy Framework that was introduced in April 2019. Many of these policies are old and outdated and it is intended to complete the review by March 2025. The above policy manual contains council policies that are in line with the policy framework and or are required to be listed on the Council webpage under the Local Government Act 1995 and the Local Government Legislation Amendment Act 2019. A number of new polices are also currently being developed.

Draft Policies

The Shire of Narembeen’s Council Policy documents undergo a public consultation process prior to formal adoption by Council. The table below details  new or significantly amended council policies currently in draft format and available for public comment.

Comments should be emailed to admin@narembeen.wa.gov.au – please state the Council Policy title in the subject line.

There are currently no Draft Policies.

Council Policy Comments being received until