Emu Hill Public CemeteryNiche Wall Emu Hill CemeteryEmu Hill Public Cemetery

The Emu Hill Public Cemetery is located on the Emu Hill East Road, approximately 5km south east of Narembeen.

For reservations or other cemetery information, please contact the Shire of Narembeen on (08) 9064 7308.

Effective 1 July 2022

For Each Interment
Grant 42.00
Land for grave in open ground (reservation) 357.00
Interment – Monday to Friday 693.00
Interment – Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 1386.00
Niche Wall
Grant  42.00
Niche Reservation 215.25
Interment including plaque installation - Monday to Friday 254.10
Interment including plaque installation - Weekend/Public Holiday 508.20
Plaque (charged at cost plus $32 admin fee)
Fee for exhumation 115.50
Re-opening of grave for exhumation 346.50
Re-interment in new grave after exhumation 346.50
Re-opening of Grave
For each interment 257.25
For each interment of cremated ashes 42.00
Miscellaneous Charges
Copy of a Grant  42.00
Funeral Booking Fee - late notice charge (less than 24 hours) 46.20
Permit to erect monument, headstone or memorial 57.750
Removal of monumental work prior to re-opening 155.93