Australian Citizenship Ceremonies

Australian Citizenship Ceremonies

The Shire is proud to welcome those who choose to take up Australian Citizenship.

To apply for Australian Citizenship you will need to visit the Department of Home Affairs website or phone 131 880 and confirm your eligibility by viewing the eligibility requirements, then complete an online application form. The Department will advise of the process involved in applying for Australian Citizenship.

You will be advised by letter from Canberra when your application has been approved. Following this, Immigration will forward a report to Council listing the names of those who have recently been approved. Council will then request certificates advising Immigration of the ceremony date. Citizenship certificates are then printed in Canberra and sent to the Council in time for the ceremony.

Ceremonies are held at a time suitable to the candidate, the Shire will liaise with you on a suitable date and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do you have your ceremonies?

A: The Shire of Narembeen holds Citizenship Ceremonies as and when required, including Australia Day (26 January), however, we do not hold a ceremony in December.

Q: I have received my approval letter; can I book into a ceremony?

A: Not necessarily. Immigration will send your approval data to Council within two weeks of you receiving your letter of approval. We cannot allocate you to a ceremony without the data from immigration. We then allocate you to the very next available ceremony date and following a phone call checking your availability we will post you an invitation to attend that ceremony.

Q: I can’t attend the ceremony I have been invited to. Can I reschedule?

A: Yes. We can move you to the next available ceremony.