Local Government Elections - Nominees

Christopher David BRAY Chris BRAY Councillor Ordinary
Hannah Jane BALD Hannah BALD  Councillor  Ordinary 
Amy Marie HARDHAM Amy HARDHAM Councillor  Ordinary 
Chris Bray

Thank you for putting your faith and Trust in me, for the last 2 years.

As a Councilor I have embraced the responsibilities and commitment required to represent you all.

I am passionate in all Facets of our Community's Wellbeing, individually and together. I will always represent and promote your concerns, ideas and desires, to Council on your behalf, both individually or collectively.

I remain open to learning and change, for the betterment of Our Community.  

Regards Chris 

0418 911 872

14 Longhurst Street Narembeen WA 6369

Nominee Chris Bray
Hannah Bald

I moved to Narembeen in 2007 to join my partner Sam, we now have 3 primary aged children who attend school locally.

After a stint in Melbourne and Adelaide we returned to Narembeen in 2021. Since then I have held committee roles in P&C, Town Team and sporting clubs.

I have a solid understanding of Local Government and the role of a Councillor through working at the Shire of Bruce Rock as a Project Officer and stepping in for the DCEO.

Over the years my husband & I have owned 2 small business and built 2 homes in town. This has made me very aware of the challenges faced by small businesspeople in the community and the impact of housing shortages within the Shire.

Growing up I lived in various sized country towns, this exposed me to many ideas and showed me the importance of strong sustainable communities. I am extremely passionate about our town and I am always exploring ways in which we can continue to progress. I look forward to further contributing to the Narembeen community.

Contact details:

Mobile: 0409 715 957

Address: 33 Cheetham Way, Narembeen

Amy Hardham 

I Amy Hardham, would like to nominate for Shire Councillor for the Narembeen Shire. I have been on Council for 8 years and would like to continue for another term. 

I have lived in Narembeen for the last 25 years. My husband Andrew, and myself own a business in the town. I am actively involved in community projects, Narembeen Town Teams and the Co-Op Cafe'. Narembeen has a lot to offer as an active positive community and tourism destination. 

I believe that if we continue to improve our infrastructure both within the town and the farming community we will continue to grow. 

I am looking forward to serving our community for the next four years. 

Contact Details: 

Mobile: 0429 647 177

Address: 5 Northmore Street, Narembeen