Construction of Sheds and Other Buildings

Published on Wednesday, 2 June 2021 at 10:05:02 AM

Planning Approval

Any outbuilding proposed in a residential zone in the Narembeen townsite requires planning approval if it entails a variation to the Residential Design Codes which operate as State Planning Policy 7.3.

Under State Planning Policy 7.3, sheds proposed to be constructed in the Narembeen townsite that exceed any of the following parameters will require planning approval from Council prior to construction commencing:

  • If the aggregate area of existing and /or proposed outbuildings exceed 60m2 or 10 percent of the lot area, whichever is the lesser;
  • If the wall height exceeds 2.4 metres;
  • If the maximum height to the peak of the roof ridge exceeds 4.2 metres;
  • If it does not meet the required side and rear setbacks which are usually 1 to 1.5 metres (depending on wall length);
  • If they are proposed in the primary or secondary street setback area;
  • Do not reduce the required amount of site open space required by the Codes.

Outbuildings are not to be attached to dwellings, are for non habitable purposes and are not to be located in the front setback area. 

Site plans, elevations and floor plans are required for a planning application.

Building Approval

Once planning approval has been provided, more detailed construction drawings are required for the separate building permit application process.

All sheds over 10m2 in floor size within the Narembeen townsite will require a building permit from Council prior to construction commencing.

Proposed sheds which are outside of the gazetted townsite do not require building approval.  They may require planning approval depending on factors such as the size, access to a constructed or gazetted road, the lot size and if the lot has any heritage listing. 

More information including application forms can be downloaded by clicking here